How The Coming Of Airpeace Flight From Lagos To London Reduced The Price Of Tickets

Before now, what used to be over $1500 as ticket fee from other foreign airlines plying from Lagos to London has reduced drastically to between $450-650. This was as a result of how Airpeace exposed the inflated prices and reduced it after the inauguration of his flight from Lagos to London.

The price list of RwandaAir
Price of Qatar Air reduced below $650

Because of the coming of Airpeace flight from Lagos to London, price of ticket has reduced drastically 😳😳😳They are now competing on price reduction. See how Igbo man is saving the money of Nigerians.What used to be close to $1600 is now between 400-600$😂🫣Yet, Some are not happy with the Isiagu 🤦😅#Airpeace #igbo #IgboAmaka

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