How The Death Of Edwin Ajere Made His Son, Chidi Ajere The GIGM CEO In 2009

God is good motors is a very popular brand in Nigeria and they are one of the best transportation companies, logistics, delivery etc.

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In this article,you are going to learn how the sudden death of his father made Chidi, the new CEO of GIGM in 2009 and sadly,the death of his father was caused by his own uncle who kidnapped him.

Do you know this man? He is the CEO of the popular God is Good Motors (GIGM). He became the CEO of GIGM by accident after a very s∆d event. Read 👇🏼The founder of GIGM, Edwin Ajaere was k&dn&p&ed and k&ll&d in March 2009 by his own brother. The k&dn¢p happened on Sunday after a church service. He was with his wife and 2 year old son at that time.His wife, Stella Ajaere, risked her life to go pay ransom directly as instructed but after the ransom was paid, they did not let him go because the arrowhead had revealed himself to him.

His Son, Chidi Ajaere, at the age of 21, came back from the states and did not seek revenge rather piloted the affairs of the company.


This has since transformed into a leading technological driven logistics company, also playing in other sector of the Nigeria economy.Chidi Ajaere has successfully expanded the horizon of GIG Group which led to the birthing of other subsidiaries which includes:GIG logistics , GIG motors, Stellas banking and finance, Richmondhill Real Estate and property, Ziuss energy, oil & gas and GIG Aviation the latest subsidiary after the purchase of two Atr72 cargo aircraft for logistics services.The GIG group is a conglomerate with over 5000 employees.Truly, The best revenge is success.#GiGM #igbo #IgboAmaka #Penchatnews

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